Words of Welcome from the “Hacia la Nueva Esperanza” Good Government Council, Selva Fronteriza Zone, October 14, 2017

Compañeros and compañeras of the National Indigenous Congress.

Compañero and compañera bases of support of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation from this Selva Fronteriza Zone.

Compañeros and Compañeras from the National and International Sixth.

Invited brothers and sisters.

To the alternative free media and the paid media.

To all who are present and those who are not present here but who are listening to us.

With the permission of my compañeros and compañeras of the “Hacia La Esperanza” Good Government Council from this Selva Fronteriza zone, I will say a few words to you.

Today, October 14, 2017

We would like say that for us it is an honor to be together in this place to meet with all of our indigenous brothers and sisters from all of the originary peoples of this country.

This great historic event that we are all celebrating together is way for us to share our pain and our rage but also to share our experiences of struggle, but not only as originary peoples. It is also another way for us to come together with other sectors of workers of this country, because we know that all of us have pain and rage against this neoliberal capitalist system that has caused us so much harm.

We are here, all of the originary peoples of these lands, which we have cared for and conserved for many years, but every day the bad capitalist system is destroying the life of Mother Earth and of Humanity.

That is why we Autonomous Rebel Zapatista Peoples have organized ourselves in the three levels of government where the people command and the government obeys. Because in the system that badly governs this country, we will not see the change for the people, because the bad government has no regard for the life of humanity.

That is why it is with much pride and emotion that we welcome the proposal by the originary peoples of this country, assembled in the National Indigenous Congress, to elect an Indigenous Governing Council and its spokeswoman to govern this country. We say that we originary peoples can indeed govern because we Zapatista peoples have demonstrated as much through our Good Government Councils.

The dream of the Zapatista peoples is for this country to have a government that leads by obeying.

Compañeros and compañeras of the Indigenous Governing Council.

Compañera María de Jesús Patricio Martínez, spokeswoman of this Council, in the name of all of the Autonomous Rebel Zapatista Peoples from this Selva Fronteriza zone, we cordially welcome you to these rebel lands, where we have been waiting for you for many days with open arms.

We hope that you are content with us and you honor us with your presence.

Thank you very much.

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