Words of the family, widow, and children of the deceased Maestro Galeano

Words written by the family, widow, and children of the deceased Maestro Galeano, who was murdered by paramilitaries in the CIOAC of La Realidad, in May of 2014. Gloria Elisa Benavides read these words in the name of the Zapatista women in the village of Guadalupe Tepeyac, October 14, 2017.

Compañeros and compañeras, brothers and sisters of Mexico and the whole world, good day, good afternoon or good evening, wherever you are and are listening to us.

We are the family of the compañero Galeano who was assassinated one May 2, in the year 2014, by paramilitaries in La Realidad, organized by the bad capitalist governments.

In the name of our compañeros and compañeras who have fallen as they walk the path of our struggle, we would like to speak to you.

But first, we would like to say that justice has not been done in the death of our dear and unforgettable father and husband; the murderers and organizers still walk free and still taunt us and mock him, saying that our father died because he was a fool, a traitor and a lazy bum. They call him lazy because they saw that he did the work of the struggle more than the work of the family and household.

He struggled for all of humanity, for people he didn’t even know, who weren’t of his race, his color, or his language: for this, they say he died a fool. If he had been a traitor, the people wouldn’t be remembering him.

The assassins are happy and with their families; they go to the countryside and they take trips to the city as if nothing had happened, and they still threaten us saying that they’re going to exterminate our family, and they call us murderers when they are the real murderers. Even their children mock us because they’re taught to do so by their parents, and they tell us to forget about him already, that what’s passed is passed.

We know well that there are even some accomplices to the murder of our dear Maestro Galeano present here in this large meeting today; we would like to take this opportunity to tell those who organized his death and those who murdered him and also to tell the whole world that we will never forget him. Even if justice is done, we will always carry him in our minds and our hearts because for us he was a good father and he taught us to struggle and to defend our rights as the women and men we are.

Despite all of their threats and taunts, we have resisted all of their aggressions. They say that it’s out of fear, but it’s not: the truth is that we are true men and women and not animals like them. We will continue to resist as much as we can, because the truth is that, when we see the murderers taunting us and standing so nearby, between one and ten meters away, it’s not easy to stand there with your arms crossed, but we don’t want revenge; we demand justice.

People of Mexico and the world, as the family of the compañero Galeano or José Luis, as some knew him, we want to tell you that it’s time we realized that this damned capitalist government will never be on the side of the people: it will always serve its boss, the neoliberal rich. Let’s organize ourselves. How? Well, however you can, it doesn’t matter what your organizations, groups or collectives are called, what matters is that together we struggle against the true enemy, those who exploit us, and that we not fight amongst ourselves because we have different religions or because we are fair, dark-skinned, short or from another party.

Compañeras and compañeros, brothers and sisters, we want to say to you all we should tell those political parties to go to hell; it’s because of them that the people are divided. Let’s organize ourselves like the true peoples we are because only when we are organized will we be able to have justice and our freedom on our terms.

We would also like to salute our compañera María de Jesús Patricio Martínez, spokeswoman for the people. May she not give up and may she not get discouraged in the work that the people have tasked her with, because it is time to teach the capitalist machistas that yes, we women can do the work, and yes, we can govern. Marichuy, don’t pay any attention to what they say – that to govern you need lots of formal education; because those who claim to have had lots of formal study have already governed for more than 20 years and they’ve done everything wrong. Now it’s our turn, we indigenous peoples of the countryside and the city, and we’re going to show those well-studied, necktie-wearing men that to govern a people, you must first obey in order to command, because the people are the ones who command and the government obeys.

Give it your all, compañera; don’t forget the people and the people will not forget you. Onward, compañera Marichuy!

We would also like to send a strong embrace to the mothers and fathers of the 43 disappeared of Ayotzinapa, but not only them: to all those who search for a son, a daughter, a brother, a mother, a father or a disappeared relative: we want to tell them not give up and not to feel defeated, that we have to organize our rage and our pain together with those other pains that exist on planet Earth, and together we will be a bigger and more indestructible weapon. We will destroy that which is destroying us.

We make this call to everyone, because those who ordered the murder of our compañero Galeano are the same ones who disappeared all the disappeared, tortured, incarcerated and persecuted, they are the capitalist governments, and they do it all to obey their bosses.

Onward, people of Mexico and the world; our struggle will not be in vain, we the exploited must win because we are the majority.

Onward, compañeras and compañeros!

Galeano lives, the struggle continues!

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