Words of Marichuy in the caracol of Roberto Barrios, October 17, 2017

Good evening brothers and sisters.

After hearing from our sisters and brothers from the Indigenous Governing Council and the fathers and mothers of Ayotzinapa, we can see that what they are describing is the reality here in Mexico and in our communities. They are describing the work of big capitalism, which seeks to dispossess us, to get us out of the way. As we have heard through the pain experienced across Mexico, those above want us to be isolated, they want us to abandon our precious lands and to give them give them the riches that our lands hold, and they want us to fight amongst ourselves. What they don’t want is for us to unite, which is why they provide “aid” programs as a disguise to assure our dispossession and deploy many ways to deceive our children; that’s what capitalism wants.

We indigenous peoples joined together in the National Indigenous Congress have said that we do not consent to this. Together with our brothers and sisters from the Zapatista Army for National Liberation we are going to struggle. We are going to unite so that together we can eliminate this capitalist system that is destroying our communities, our neighborhoods, our towns, all of Mexico and the entire world. That’s why we’ve said that we are going to go out to talk with our brothers and sisters from the different indigenous communities of Mexico, to speak with them and hear whether they too are thinking that we should unite, that we, the workers of the country and the city, should work hard together to eliminate this capitalist system that is only interested in remaining above, in continuing to dispossess us, to annihilate our communities and their inhabitants.

That’s why, brothers and sisters, we must turn to see the brothers and sisters from our communities at our side, and together do everything we can to get rid of this capitalist monster that is destroying everything, everyone, our lives, the life of the communities, that is contaminating the waters, that is cutting down the trees, that is destroying our territories and extracting their natural riches and locking up we who inhabit these lands. It is disappearing us.

That’s why we must join forces and together, with our brother and sisters in the city who have also been struggling for years, we must unite to think about how to build a Mexico that truly comes from below. To do that we must be together, together with and as women; we women must participate in this organizational process. We must see once and for that our participation is necessary to defend our communities, our children, what our grandparents left us and for which they also suffered all that discrimination, all that disdain. That’s why we must join together and with one voice, with one path, make this beast tremble. Together we can get that beast that is trying to destroy us out of our territory.

Long live the National Indigenous Congress!
Long ling the Indigenous peoples of the world!
Long live the Zapatista Army for National Liberation!
Long live the indigenous peoples joined together in the Indigenous Governing Council!

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