Words of Indigenous Governing Council Spokeswoman Marichuy in Oventic, Oct. 19, 2017

Words of María de Jesús Patricio Martínez in Oventic, October 19, 2017

Brothers and sisters of the Mexican people, of the peoples of the world, of the National and International Sixth:

To the independent media:

To the corporate media:

On behalf of the Indigenous Governing Council for Mexico I would like to inform you that since October 12 we have been meeting to celebrate the first National Working Assembly between the Indigenous Governing Council and the peoples of the National Indigenous Congress, at CIDECI-UNITIERRA, and also to present the Indigenous Governing Council and myself as its spokeswoman in the five Zapatista caracoles in the state of Chiapas, confirming what we originary peoples already knew: that the future of our peoples is possible only insofar as we recognize that we are one with the Earth, our mother. In her we find our past and our future, and therefore the freedom and autonomy that we are struggling for.

From Zapatista territory we have listened to each other and thought together, collectively. With creative arts and words we have spoken to each other, shared our ways and paths for dismantling the power that from above schemes ways to impose itself upon us in order to produce that same corrupt power of the patriarchal, sexist, and capitalist system among our peoples; dismantling it means turning to look deep into our history and wagering everything we have on this proposal to the peoples of Mexico and the world. That’s why we say: Long live the women who struggle and organize themselves!

We of the Indigenous Governing Council, made up at this time of 156 council members, men and women, from 63 indigenous regions of the country and speakers of 39 originary languages, think that it is time to listen to the sound of the capitalist disaster coming from all the territories of the countryside and the city.

Power from up above is beginning to crack and the politics of the bad government and the bad capitalists lay bare the lie that they are; everything shudders at their destruction as they kill and contaminate, leaving in their wake destruction, desolation, indignation and rage.

From below, from the depths of the earth, dignity is giving birth to a new world in the midst of the destruction, pain, and rage of our peoples, of the Mexico below in the countryside and the cities, the Mexico of the workers who are exploited until they die, dispossessed of everything they have, repressed for thinking and rebelling, disdained for being different, for being poor, for being women, for speaking our own language, for speaking the truth, for looking below and not above, for turning to look at the compañera, the compañero at our side and not at the owner, the strongman, the boss, the bad government.

That is why we say once again that on the clock of humanity, our hour has struck; the hour of what we were and what we will be. It is time to listen to what the suffering families who search for a disappeared son, father, or mother say to us with their untiring struggle to find truth and justice among the rubble.

It’s time to shake up this country, to agitate in every corner, to organize ourselves in every space, in every neighborhood, nation, and tribe, in every city, in the countryside and the cities, to not give up, to organize, to govern ourselves according to our own practices, exercising and taking our destiny in our own hands without waiting for someone else to do it for us.

It’s time to weave from below a web so large that it can weather the times to come, using this moment in which the earth calls to us so that the organization that we build will penetrate all the structures of this nation and guarantee our freedom, democracy and justice.

It’s the hour of the workers, teachers, honest intellectuals, artists, young people, peasants, students, gay and lesbian people, media workers and all those of us who are below.

It’s time to make the earth tremble at its core, to look in the mirror of the originary peoples with their struggles and their suffering, and to take the principles of “rule by obeying” as a guide for our rebirth.

But above all it’s the hour of the women who struggle and organize themselves to give birth to their freedom, to give birth to a new homeland with justice, to give birth to a new and different world of peace upon the ruins that the patriarchal capitalist system is leaving behind everywhere. It’s time for women to organize for our rights to be respected, yes, but also for every man and woman because in us there is the strength to push this enormous struggle forward.

Indigenous women, in our triple condition of being women, indigenous, and poor, suffer the greatest of oppressions within this system called capitalism; we are exploited and abused in our homes, our workplaces – in all spaces in society. The current system subjects us to the crudest of exploitations and treats us like mere commodities on a daily basis. Just as we feel the violence against us, we also feel the theft, the dispossession and the destruction wrought upon our mother the Earth, because this system called patriarchy and capitalism is based in the dispossession and domination of our mother Earth and the domination and control of us women. Every time they murder, disappear or unjustly incarcerate a son, a daughter, we women are the ones who feel the most profound pain.

But precisely because we are the ones who feel the most profound pain, and experience the greatest of oppressions, we women are also capable of feeling the most profound rage; and we should therefore be capable of transforming that rage into organization in order to go on the offensive to dismantle the power of above, building the power of below with determination and without fear.

So, brothers and sisters, this is our offensive.

On the fifteenth day of this month I received confirmation of my application to seek independent candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic, and on the sixteenth day of this month and year began the period, as determined by the National Electoral Institute, in which candidates can gather citizen support, so that through my words as spokeswoman we might make this struggle for life into our government where all those of us below will rule. We are going on the offensive to shake up the capitalist, sexist, and patriarchal political system, making this decision to exercise dignity penetrate the electoral process by collecting signatures from across the country to show our support for the CIG, which, with me as its channel, will also be the epicenter for healing of all the pain, resistances and rebellions that with our struggle become hope.

Despite the deception and the challenges they have placed in our path, we will continue to move forward and we will continue our steps starting in November of this year with an agenda that we will make public in the coming days.

We make the following denunciations:

– The email account that I use to upload the data of hundreds of volunteers as part of the signature collection process demanded by law in order to comply with the mandate of the general assembly of the CNI cannot access the National Electoral Institute platform. That is, it is blocked for all practical purposes.

– As we made our way through the municipalities of Altamirano, Ocosingo y Palenque, places that would normally have functioning internet and cellular service, the communication in these areas was blocked, which hindered electronic documentation of the signatures that had been collected.

– The National Electoral Institute (INE) created a list of the devices on which the application for collecting signatures would supposedly work, but on many of them it does not work and, to the contrary, it has been possible to install the app on some which were designated as incompatible.

– It takes many hours to download the application. Similarly, the registration of a single signature and photo can take several hours and not the four minutes, thirty seconds that the INE stated, which makes it much more difficult to reach the number of signatures of support that the law requires.

– The light of day in the afternoon or the morning is insufficient [for the necessary digital photograph in the signature process]; only at mid-day can the signatures be registered without the use of special lamps for sufficiently illumination.

– The notice of receipt of the signatures collected takes up to 24 hours after sending the signatures to the INE.

Even despite all this, we will not turn back. We will travel the whole country with a national agenda that will knit together the regional fabric formed by the council members of the CIG, calling on peoples, collectives, organizations and un-organized people across the entire territory of this nation to look in the mirror and see what we are all together, and without fear, to find our own reflection through the working groups on land and territory, autonomy, women, youth and children, persons with different abilities, migrants, sexual diversity, justice and work and exploitation, each headed by the council members, and to create our own agenda, our own leftist and anticapitalist program, making use of the moment that history places before us to become, altogether, the great national structure that will tear down the walls that oppress, divide and weaken us.

This is what we are, what we were, and what we will be.

From the caracol of Oventic.
October 19, 2017



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