Words of EZLN Comandanta Amada in Palenque

Words of Comandanta Amada in the name of the CCRI-General Command of the EZLN for Caracol V, “The one that speaks for them all,” Northern Zone, at the political-cultural act held in Palenque, Chiapas. October 18, 2017.

Compañero and compañera bases of support of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation:

Compañeros and compañeras of the National and International Sixth:

Compañeros and compañeras of the National Indigenous Congress:

To the compañera spokeswoman María de Jesús Patricio Martínez:

To the Indigenous Governing Council:

To the compañero and compañera council members from the different states of the Republic:

To the free, independent, alternative, or whatever they’re called media:

To the different sectors of Mexico and the world:

To the people of Palenque, territory of Mayan originary peoples:

The structural reforms that the bad government has passed will serve their goal of privatizing everything; they have sold all our natural riches to foreign companies under the pretext of creating jobs and spurring development in our country. What’s going to happen in this country if we don’t get organized is that they’re going to destroy the air, land, water, minerals, forests, animals, and human beings; they’re going to destroy us. They’re going to leave us in an irreparable situation; the storm is going to lay waste to all of us. There isn’t going to be any work, there isn’t going to be any food, there isn’t going to be any employment. Nature will be totally destroyed, the earth will be left sterile; there will be no life, no future. They’re going to disappear us. That’s why we have to struggle to defend our Mother Earth, mother to all of us. We must struggle for the thousands and millions of lives that exist and those yet to be born into this world. Let us not close ourselves off in resignation or conformism, which is what the system sells to us in order to maintain its political, ideological, economic, social, psychological and cultural power.

The principal basis of the bad system is money, which is used to continue controlling the people, because those above can no longer find any other way to stay in power. For us, the people below, money is not the source of life. We struggle not just for our country; our struggle is for humanity all over the world. The weapon of the powerful is to divide us and make us fight amongst ourselves as poor people. The different political parties are able to abuse our communities because we lack sufficient information. The media that exists is controlled by the bad system and they do not publish the truth. When some journalists do publish the truth they are kidnapped, tortured and murdered; there is an outcry for justice but no one protects them because all the authorities are sell-outs and whoever has the most money comes out on top. Among them are the cartels—the organ-trafficking cartels and the narco-governments. Nobody ever does anything to them because they are the ones who bankroll the governments, judges, and political parties during election season. The politicians make the people think that they are going to make change via democracy but in reality the political parties will never be the ones to bring change because they are the ones who have ransacked the country. This small group of people from the political parties who pass laws behind the people’s back have sold off the patrimony of the nation.

We ask the general public: why should a small group of lazy, parasitic, beastly vultures get to boss us around when there are thousands and millions of us, Mexican workers of the countryside and the city? It benefits them to elect murderers; for example, Enrique Peña Nieto was rewarded with the presidency because it was he who, as governor of the State of Mexico, ordered the police to rape, beat, torture, and murder women and men in the town of Atenco. Since then, justice has not been done because they control the judicial system by means of money; thus there is no freedom, democracy or justice.

For them, justice is a commodity, a business. They simply let time pass and pretend to have forgotten what happened. We have the examples of the massacre in Acteal; the death of the boys and girls in the ABC Daycare in Hermosillo, Sonora; the rapes and murders of women workers in Ciudad Juárez; the miners trapped in the rubble in Coahuila and the 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa, among others. There has been no justice in any of these cases.

The true murderers are never sent to prison; no prison exists for them. When they speak of freedom, it is the freedom of organized crime because for them, freedom means being corrupt, it means selling out. This is how they justify the power they hold and they have passed down this practice from generation to generation, ever since the Spanish invasion which humiliated, enslaved, exploited, and killed our originary peoples, our ancestors. They do the same thing today, only now they have more modern ways so that the people don’t realize what’s going on.

But our earliest ancestors left us an inheritance of resistance and rebellion and we have to grow that resistance and rebellion. Therefore, we must struggle and organize until together we can free ourselves and destroy the capitalist monster.

It is time for the people to organize, struggle, rebel and resist wherever we might be in our different locations and geographies because the capitalists are globalizing the exploitation and destruction of humanity all over the world. But they’re not the only ones who can go global. We too can globalize our struggle to spread rebellion all over the world because we have a single common enemy: the neoliberal capitalist system. This is how we can free ourselves to do away with the exploiters who do so much damage to our peoples.

Sisters and brothers of the countryside and the city, of Mexico and the world, we must harness our rage and our courage to struggle with resistance and rebellion. But the struggle must not be spontaneous; rather, we must create a struggle that is constant, day in and day out, because the fucking capitalists are never going to repent for what they’re doing to our peoples, and the lives of our daughters and sons in the future are going to be even worse. That’s why we must think about what we’re going to do: are we going to just look at and listen to each other, waiting for someone to save us, or waiting for them to exterminate us?

No, sisters and brothers of Mexico and the world who are listening to us: our peoples have taught us that we have the capacity to be the change with our different arts and sciences of struggle. It is time for us to join together because this is a war that they declared on our originary peoples over 500 years ago. Our grandmothers and grandfathers suffered through death, persecution, and forced disappearances for struggling and defending our Mother Earth century after century, generation after generation.

How much longer are we going to allow this war waged against us by the bad system to go on? How long will we wait for someone to come and save us from the storm that this savage capitalism has cast upon us? We should struggle for life, but a real life, not just in word—a struggle without rest, day after day, century after century, forever.

It is for this reason that we find ourselves here at this event today. But this is not just any event; it is to invite you to struggle, to organize, to join forces with our spokeswoman María de Jesús, who starting now will carry our voice to every corner of this nation, visiting and organizing the originary peoples and different sectors of workers all over our country. That’s why we say to our spokeswoman and the council members present here: onward! This important task is not easy, but neither is it impossible. The peoples are waiting for you with open arms because they know that you will not defraud them, and because there is a new life is growing in the womb of the color of the earth that we are. Let us care for this life so that it can be born and become the light that will illuminate all of humanity.

Caracol V, “The one that speaks for them all”

Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee – Northern Zone, Chiapas, Mexico, October 18, 2017

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