From Durham Freeway South (NC 147)

  1. Exit at SWIFT AVE. (Exit 14); turn LEFT at the traffic light at the top of the ramp.
  2. At the next traffic light, turn Right onto MAIN ST.
  3. Take MAIN ST. toward downtown Durham until it hits DUKE ST. at the corner with Torrero’s restaurant.
  4. Turn Left onto DUKE ST at that traffic light.
  5. Take DUKE ST until the second stop light where it hits TRINITY AVE.
  6. Turn Right onto TRINITY AVE.
  7. Pass the first traffic light, and at the second traffic light immediately afterward, turn Right onto FOSTER ST. (Immediately after the gas station)
  8. At the first traffic light, turn Left onto West GEER ST.
  9. Go one block up the hill on West GEER ST. At the top of the hill on your left will be a brick building housing a small Mexican grocery store called “Tienda Viva La Raza”, and right next to it, same building, is us, El Kilombo.

From Chapel Hill

  1. Follow 15-501 from Chapel Hill towards Durham
  2. Continue to follow US-15 N. [11.2 miles]
  3. Take EXIT 177 (the N ROXBORO ST / US-15-BYP / US-501-BYP exit) toward AVONDALE DR. [0.2 miles]
  4. Turn RIGHT onto N ROXBORO ST / US-15 BR S / US-501 BR S. [0.2 miles]
  5. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto E MARKHAM AVE [<0.1 miles]
  6. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto N MANGUM ST [0.4 miles]
  7. Turn RIGHT onto W GEER ST. [0.2 miles]
  8. End at 324 W Geer St

From Raleigh and Airport traveling west on Interstate 40 (I-40)

  1. Bear right at EXIT 279B onto Durham Freeway North (NC 147); continue into Durham.
  2. Take EXIT 12B toward downtown/Roxboro St.
  3. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto WILLARD ST.
  5. Continue for a little while on ROXBORO ST.
  6. Turn LEFT onto W GEER ST.
  7. End at 324 W GEER ST.

From Interstate 85 (I-85) traveling south

  1. Take EXIT 177- toward ROXBORO ST.
  2. Take the ramp toward N.C. CENTRAL U.
  3. Turn LEFT onto N ROXBORO ST.
  4. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto E MARKHAM AVE. (If you miss MARKHAM and stay on ROXBORO ST., you can turn RIGHT onto GEER ST. directly from ROXBORO ST.)
  6. Turn RIGHT onto W GEER ST.
  7. End at 324 W GEER ST.