Social Center
El Kilombo social center is a multipurpose space that is home to a computer lab, lending library, and meeting space for our many gatherings and programs, such as English and Spanish classes, Kids’ Literacy Class and Homework Help, community dinners, workshops, seminars and speaker events. It is the physical space where neighborhood residents can encounter each other, hang out, and participate in programs that meet various needs and desires. It is also the space out of which other collective projects can emerge.

PaperBoat Press
Paperboat Press was founded for the purpose of publishing work from and about movements from below, with a particular emphasis on struggles for autonomy and communities of color. The ingenuity and diversity of such movements in many places around the world, as well as on a global scale, and the closing off of certain public or media spaces to these movements in favor of the institutional left, called for outlets dedicated to circulating and promoting knowledge of and connections between these struggles. Paperboat Press is focused on both historical and contemporary struggles, and aims to be a tool of these movements in the collective creation and circulation of their ideas and practices.

Radio Kilombo: Voces Intergalácticas
Radio Kilombo is a weekly Spanish-language radio program that used to be broadcast on 88.7FM in NC and over the internet. We sought to create alternative sources of information directly for our community. Radio Kilombo was founded for the purpose of circulating local, national, and international news, analysis, and interviews relevant to the working class and migrant communities in Durham.