Neo-rascism, White Universalism, and the Double Bind of 'White Trash'

In the contemporary United States, racially-coded systems of producing and ordering subjectivity serve as the primary cultural register of identity, and as a primary conduit of power. This is of course no coincidence; the mechanism of racial identification and performance and the dynamics of power – especially in its institutionally repressive forms – have been inextricably linked here from the first colonial encounters in North America. In one sense, then, the historical narrative of the United States can be told as a series of racial/national constructions, crises, and restructuring, with some degree of continuity. The prevailing racial logic of the current moment shares important characteristics with the race-ordering regimes of previous periods, as an inclusive system of identification, division, and control based on what Warren Montag has described as “the universalization of Whiteness.” However, significant innovations in this system have emerged in the past several decades.

Full document here: Neo-rascism, White Universalism, and the Double Bind of ‘White Trash’ [doc]

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