Info Hub

The InfoHub is a collection of learning resources that reflect some of the political movements, concepts, and ideas that have been important to El Kilombo.  These resources generate discussion for building an analysis of our situation and a strategy adequate to that situation.  We continually build this archive of materials, all accessible through our searchable database.

Ideas have always played a central role for our organization. The first seeds of the idea for an El Kilombo social center grew out of year-long discussions and seminars, and the desire to for an intellectual space as part of our community struggles.  Many political initiatives get caught up in the day-to-day activities of “ACTION NOW!” and forget to take the time to create spaces where vision, intellectual growth and ideas take center stage. Creating sufficient space for ideas requires a re-imagining of the traditional divide between “thinking” and “practice.” Rather, we must think “theory” as a particular kind of “practice,” one that when integrated into a daily practice of multiple encounters and projects, can add tremendous value to other types of practices and interventions.