EZLN Good Government Council of Oventik Welcomes the Indigenous Governing Council

Words of welcome from the Good Government Council “Central Heart of the Zapatistas in the Eyes of the World” by compañera Jimena

Compañeras and compañeros of the Indigenous Governing Council:

Compañera María de Jesús Patricio Martínez:

Compañeras and compañeros of the National Indigenous Congress:

Compañera and compañero bases of support of the EZLN:

Brothers and sisters of all the indigenous peoples from the different municipalities:

Brothers and sisters of the countryside and the city, and all those present:

As The Good Government Council of Caracol II of Oventik, “Central Heart of the Zapatistas in the Eyes of the World,” it fills us with happiness to receive you all in this humble center, which is your house, the house of all men and women. In the name of our peoples, regions, and rebel Zapatista autonomous municipalities, we extend a most cordial welcome to you for accompanying us in this political act and for meeting us here for the first time without regard for beliefs, race, party, or religion. We are clear that what unites us is the suffering and pain that the evils of the capitalist system cause us. At the same time, we are burning with dignified rage and we hope that this meeting will also ignite that small flame of hope in each and every one of us: may it be what lights our path to organizing ourselves with true democracy, freedom and justice for everyone. For this reason, we say it is an honor to have you here. Welcome, all of you.

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