EZLN Communique September 4, 2007

To the compañeros and compañeras adherents of the Zeztainternazional

From Teniente Coronel Insurgente Moisés.

We just wanted to send you once again the invitation made by the organizing commission to attend the Encounter of the Indigenous Peoples of America, to be held October 12, 13, and 14 of this year.

We are called to meet there with our indigenous brothers and sisters, the roots and the first inhabitants of these American lands, to listen as they tell how they live, what they think, what they want.

They invite us to listen, to record their words, they invite us to go and learn how they are organizing to shake off and break the yoke of capitalist and neoliberal dominion.

They tell us to come as observers, not to tal. That is, we will not have voice and neither thus will we have decision-making power. This means we must go with great desire to listen to them, as it is a fact that they have never had the opportunity to be heard; no one has listened to their thoughts, and it is time that we begin to listen. There is something within these thoughts and words, after all they were the first to know these lands.

Compañeras and compañeros adherents of the Zeztainternazional of the 5 continents, they are inviting us all and hope we can come, or perhaps send our commissions, to go and hear the thoughts of our indigenous compañeros and compañeras at the encounter in Vicam, of the Yaqui Tribe, in the State of Sonora, Mexico.

In order to register, you can go to the webpage of enlace zapatista, there we indicate how you can register.

Also there on the webpage is the bank account number where we can deposit our economic support for the compañeros working to construct what is needed for the encounter.

There is also information on the webpage of the Zeztainternazional.

This is what we wanted to tell you, compañeros and compañeras adherents of the Zeztainternazional.

For the Intergalactic Comission,

Teniente Coronel Insurgente Moisés.

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