Durham Coalition for Urban Justice Supports Full-size Field for Community Use

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Below are photos from the Tuesday, March 15, 2011 public meeting about the Park, showing residents who are part of a broad coalition called the Durham Coalition for Urban Justice (of which El Kilombo is a participating organization).  The Durham Coalition for Urban Justice insists that the Old North Durham Park be improved as a full-sized public athletic field, which can continue to be used for recreation by the neighborhood’s community residents, who are primarily low-income Black and Latino residents.  The Durham Coalition for Urban Justice further insist that the future of our public parks, public resources, and public spaces cannot be determined through the private processes and private funding of those who can mobilize large sums of money for narrow private interest.

20110315-ParkMtg1 20110315-MoreGrassPoster

20110315-Kidswposters 20110315-Si_aunacancha

20110315-SoccerGirls 20110315-ParkMtgOutside2

20110315-BrokenVows 20110315-ParkMtgOutside


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