CNI Invite to Accompany Independent Candidate Registration

Invitation from the CNI to accompany the registration of the Indigenous Governing Council’s Spokeswoman as an Independent Candidate for the Presidency of Mexico at the National Electoral Institute

Saturday, October 7, 11:00am

To the Mexican People:

To the free media:

To the collectives and organizations in solidarity:

To the National and International Sixth:

Following innumerable racist and classist acts, we have been able to meet all the requirements that electoral law and the structure of the National Electoral Institute, as designed by the members of the institutional parties, impose in order to prevent a person from below, an indigenous woman, from aspiring to an independent candidacy for president.

We are inviting you, those who are able, compañeras, compañeros of the Mexican people, collectives and organizations in solidarity, individuals of conscience and the free media, to accompany our spokeswoman Marychuy and members of the Indigenous Governing Council in delivering the documents required by the laws of the National Electoral Institute on Saturday, October 7 at 11:00am at the offices of that institution, located at #100 Viaducto Tlalpan, Arenal Tepepan district, Tlalpan delegation in Mexico City.

For the first time there exists the possibility that an indigenous woman, spokesperson for the CIG which is made up of dozens of originary peoples, will appear on the electoral ballot and, above all, force the agenda of the originary peoples and the poor workers of our country onto the national agenda and move us beyond this political system.

The possibility has reopened for millions of exploited Mexican women and men to make our resistances the basis of a new country and a new worldto put our indignation on the offensive in such a way that not only shakes up the national political system but also allows us to open paths to reconstruct the country: all of the social, ecological, political, cultural, and economic fabrics which are today destroyed by the corruption and ambition of a few who only know how to see what their boss, money, tells them to see.


October 2017

For the Full Reconstitution of Our Peoples

Never Again a Mexico Without Us

National Indigenous Congress

Indigenous Governing Council

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