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EZLN: The First of Several

Zapatista Army for National Liberation Mexico March, 2017 To the Sixth all over the world: Compas: We had told you we wanted to find a way to support you so that you in turn could support the resistance and rebellion of those who are persecuted and separated by walls. Well, we have some small progress to report in that regard. The first ton of Zapatista coffee is ready for the campaign “In the Face of Capital’s Walls: Resistance, Rebellion, Solidarity, and the Support of those Below and to the Left.”Read More
March 9, 2017 To the national and international Sixth To the free media To civil society in general Compañeros, compañeras, as our peoples continue to organize ourselves, each in our own ways and forms, analyzing and making agreements in order to form a Concejo Indígena de Gobierno [Indigenous Council of Government], the war against our peoples doesn’t stop. The three levels of bad government continue to act against our mother earth, our peoples, and our autonomous organizations through plunder and repression. In the state of Oaxaca We denounce and condemnRead More
January 3, 2017 I’ve been listening to you. Sometimes when I’m here with you all, sometimes via the CIDECI stream, sometimes via what your Zapatista students mention to me. I always try to get a grasp on the meaning of your presentations, the path and direction of your words. We have heard brilliant presentations, some didactic, some complex, the majority polemical, but on and about things that can be debated. And we think you should do so, among yourselves. For that discussion, perhaps it would help you to first clarifyRead More

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EZLN: The Cat-Dog and the Apocalypse

December 29, 2016. Science fiction. Remember that: science fiction. You’ll see that, in your coming nightmares, it will help you to not become so distressed, or at least not uselessly distressed. Perhaps you remember some science fiction movie. Perhaps science fiction set some of you down the path of scientific science. It didn’t do that for me, perhaps because my favorite science fiction movie is La Nave de los Monstruosi with the unforgettable Eulalio González, known as “el Piporro,” the soundtrack for which has been unjustly excluded from the Oscars,Read More

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EZLN: What Comes Next I: Then and Now

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés January 3, 2017 Good evening everyone. We just want to say that this is going to take a while, so now is the moment to leave or take a nap. So first of all, just like the compañera said who spoke here about Viejo Antonio [Old Antonio], the name says it all, Viejo Antonio.i His time is over. There are some things we might be able to recover from that moment, but now times have changed. We Zapatistas want to tell you that truly, seriously, we wantRead More
February 2017 The Storm On Our Path For us, as Zapatista originary peoples, the storm—the war—has been going on for centuries. It arrived to our lands with the lies of the dominant civilization and religion. At that time, the sword and the cross bled our people dry. Over time, the sword was modernized and the cross was dethroned by the religion of capital, but it continued to demand our blood as an offering to the new god: money. We resisted, we always resist. Our rebellions were displaced by the disputeRead More
Joint Communique from the National Indigenous Congress and the Zapatista Army for National Liberation in Solidarity with the Rarámuri People Stop the assassinations of Rarámuri Indigenous Compañeros Defending Their Territory! Indigenous Territories of Mexico February 4, 2017 To the people of Choreachi, To all of the Rarámuri People, To the Indigenous Peoples, To the people of Mexico, To the peoples of the world, We learned today of the murders of Indigenous Rarámuri compañeros Juan Ontiveros Ramos and Isidro Baldenegro, both of the community of Choreachi in the municipality of GuadalupeRead More

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EZLN: Zapatista Alchemy

January 2, 2017. We take a lot of care with the value of the word. When we talk about someone, we’re not just saying his or her name: we’re naming his or her presence with us. That’s what we mean when we say “brother” or “sister”; but when we say “compañera” or “compañero,” we’re talking about a back and forth, about someone who is not outside but rather who sees and listens to the world, and fights for it, together with us. I mention this because here with us isRead More
Words of Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano December 28, 2016. Last night I spoke to you about the interplanetary upheaval that had given rise to the question “Why is this flower this color? Why does it have this shape? Why does it have this scent?” Ok, maybe I was exaggerating with the claim of “interplanetary.” I should have said the upheaval created by the question that young Rosita had put to Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés in the micro-cosmos of Zapatismo had provoked. Although I believe it is obvious, it doesn’t hurt to mentionRead More
To the Mapuche People: To the Chilean People: To the International Sixth: To the Media: We peoples, nations, and tribes of the National Indigenous Congress send a fraternal greeting of solidarity to Machi Francisca Lincolao Huircapan, of the Mapuche People, in Chile, imprisoned since March 30, 2016. We know that compañera Machi Francisca is on a hunger strike to demand the justice that the bad government of Chile has denied her by keeping her imprisoned for the crime of continuing to defend the natural resources, sacred places, and cultural rightsRead More