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From the Workshop for Intercommunal Study: Mexico’s Indigenous Governing Council: Actually Existing Anti-Capitalism for the 21st CenturyRead More
On September 1, 2015, the Kilombo Community Center, one of El Kilombo’s many projects, closed its Geer Street doors after 9 years of operation. Over the past several years our rent has steadily increased as our neighborhood became the hottest real estate market in downtown Durham and the trendy spot for a young, mostly white, upper middle class.Read More
[The following note on Ferguson is part of a series written by Alvaro Reyes] If all of the elements mentioned in Note I (anti-blackness, de-industrialization, financialization, gentrification, displacement, increasing inequality, etc.) are particular determinations of the larger situation we are living today in the U.S., it seems that all of them have been slowly congealing—as evidenced today in Ferguson—around the brutal consequences of the criminalization of Black and Latino (of Black and Indigenous descent) communities.[1] That is, despite the “regional” conditions I highlighted in Note 1, it seems to me thatRead More
[The following note on Ferguson was written by Alvaro Reyes] Author’s note: Below I’ve put together a series of “notes” on Ferguson that I hope to publish in the next few days as events unfold. I’ve attached a series of footnotes that are not intended as a exercise in academic sourcing necessarily but more as a running guide (especially for those outside the United States) for material available online that might help clarify the situation in Ferguson. Let me start by simply restating the facts surrounding the murder of MichaelRead More

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Reality Part II

Nevertheless, not despite but as an embrace of our commitment to release the figure/window of the hologram, we must not forget the lessons we learned from SCI Marcos. It is indispensable to recognize that the figure Marcos has served as an important pedagogical bridge for many of us, not only in understanding the Zapatistas’ unique and unwavering ethical and political perspective and practice, but in providing contours, momentum, example, and energy for the necessity and possibility of a radical commitment to a politics below. In addition to the political treatisesRead More

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At 2:08am on May 25, 2014, after a day of homage and commemoration to the fallen compañero Galeano of the Zapatista community of La Realidad, the man and voice known as Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos declared that the figure of Marcos would thereby cease to exist. For 20 years, SCI Marcos has served officially as Military Chief and spokesperson for the Zapatista Army for National Liberation, as well as the target of the hopes, dreams, envy, fear and wonder of thousands of people around the world watching the political and socialRead More