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Defending Democratic Process and Old North Durham Park, or What’s at Stake in the Struggle over OND Park? The effort by Central Park School for Children and its associates to change Old North Durham Park according to private plans and with private funds is a danger to the democratic process and the neighborhood’s low-income, primarily Latino and Black neighborhood residents. CPSC’s use of private resources to impose the modification of a public space to suit particular interests effectively privatizes public land, and orients the time and energy of our publicRead More
Until when will the idle and crepuscular West, the “international community” of those who still believe themselves to be the rulers of the world, continue to give lessons in good management and good behavior to the rest of the world? Is it not laughable to see well-paid and well-fed intellectuals, retreating soldiers of the capital-parliamentarism that serves us as a moth-eaten Paradise, offering their services to the awe-inspiring Tunisian and Egyptian people, in order to teach these savages the ABC of “democracy?” What pathetic persistence of colonial arrogance! In the situationRead More

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Now Is Not the Time To Deny What is Happening

With the Arab revolts, the global systemic crisis is entering a new phase, more unpredictable and increasingly out of control. Until now, the principal actors have been the financial oligarchies and large multinational corporations, the major governments, including the United States and China, and far behind, some institutions such as the G-20.Read More
In the 1990s, one could only whisper Hosni Mubarak’s name. Political talk or jokes were avoided in phone calls. This year, millions of Egyptians fought for 18 days against their ageing tyrant, braving the police troops firing teargas, rubber bullets and live ammunition.Read More
January-February 2011 Part 2 of the 4 that make up the first letter, which will appear in its entirety in the next issue of Rebeldía magazine. (…) As Mexican native peoples and as the EZLN, we have something to say about war.  Above all if it is carried out in our geography and in this calendar: Mexico, in the beginning of the 21st century… II. MEXICO’S WAR FROM ABOVE “I would welcome almost any war because I believe that this country needs one.”Theodore Roosevelt. And now our national reality isRead More

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Arab Uprisings Mark A Turning Point For the Taking

It’s not only in the Middle East that the balance of power is moving. The old neoliberal order has also been shaken.Read More

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Tahrir Square Communique and Shared List of Demands

Press Conference in El-Shorook Newspaper Headquarters Fellow great Egyptian citizens … We are your your daughters, your brothers and sisters who are protesting in Tahrir square and other squares of Egypt, promise you not to go back to our homes until the demands of your great revolution are realized. Millions have gone out to overthrow the regime, and so the matter goes beyond figures in particular to the whole administration of the Egyptian State, which was transformed from a servant of the people to a master of the them. WeRead More

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The Student Loan Debt Abolition Movement in the U.S.

Debt has had a crushing impact on the lives of those who must take student loans to finance their university education in the US. For tuition fees that have been so notoriously high in private universities now are rising in public universities so quickly they are far out-pacing inflation. Student loan debt in the US has been much higher than in Europe (with the exception of Sweden), though recent developments there would indicate that this gap may soon no longer exist (Usher). We should also take into account the fraudulentRead More