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La sociologa aymara Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui explica el complejo panorama político en Bolivia después de la llegada de la derecha Evista: [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]Read More

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Gustavo Esteva Interview: Congreso Nacional Indígena

Gustavo Esteva – Congreso Nacional Indígena (CNI) from Clayton on Vimeo.Read More
  FAQs | Timeline | Photos | Documents | 11/9/07 Memo | 12/10/07 Memo | 10/21/10 Memo [Please note that this interview had been published in the January 2011 issue of the Triangle Free Press with some misprints. The correct, original version is published here.] Interview by Lamont Lilly Could you start by telling me a little about El Kilombo? What does Kilombo mean? And what exactly is the center’s purpose? El Kilombo Intergalactico is an organization in North Central Durham that brings together communities of color, migrants, students, andRead More
THEM AND US VII. The Smallest of Them All 6.  The Resistance.   March of 2013.   NOTE: The following fragments talk about the resistance of the zap… wait! There’s a Zapatista Airforce?! The Zapatista health system is better than the health system of the bad government?! For over 20 years, the Zapatista communities have resisted, with their own ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence, all of the various counter-insurgency efforts waged against them. The so-called “Crusade against Hunger”[i] of the current Priista overseers does nothing but reiterate the fallacy that allRead More
Protected (full text): Them and Us, Part V. The Sixth. (The Enlace Zapatista website made the password public for the hidden text: marichiweu)   ZAPATISTA ARMY FOR NATIONAL LIBERATION. MEXICO.   January 2013   To: The compañer@s adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandón Jungle across the world.   From: The Zapatista men and women of Chiapas, México.   Compañeras, compañeros, y compañeroas:   Compas of the Red contra la Represión y por la Solidaridad (Network against Repression and for Solidarity):   Receive greetings from the smallest of yourRead More

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Cartoon from the Sup to the Lame Critics

Postscript to the cartoon:  Putting out the Fire with Gasoline January 11, 2013 P.S. For you most enlightened ones—So you don’t know who I was referring to [in the cartoon] because you don’t watch television? Alright alright, you are all so very erudite, and you will have nothing to do with lowly popular culture, although… you don’t know who Umberto Eco is either? P.S. ON GENERAL SPORTS CULTURE IN GENERAL—Lionel Messi, Argentinean; plays soccer for the Spanish team Barcelona. When he’s not making commercials for name brand bread, he’s suspectedRead More
Letter to Luis Héctor Álvarez Álvarez[1] Zapatista Army for National Liberation Mexico November – December 2012   “Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it” Tyrion Lannister to Jon Snow “A craven can be as brave as any man, when there is nothing to fear. And we all do our duty when there is no cost to it. How easy it seems then, to walk the path of honor. Yet sooner or later in every man’s life comes a day when it is not easy, a dayRead More
“You think that you are on the winning side…And so, in addition to traitors, you’re idiots.”  Tyrion Lannister in the Song of Ice and Fire, Part II: Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin. “A reader lives a thousand lives before dying,” said Jojen. “He who never reads lives only one.”  Jojen Reed in the Song of Ice and Fire, Part V: “Dance of Dragons” George R.R. Martin. (Jojen Reed will appear in the third season of the HBO series “Games of Thrones”.  His character will be played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Note suppliedRead More
  Communiqué from the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee – General Command of the Zapatista National Liberation Army Mexico. December 30 2012.   To the People of Mexico: To the People and Governments of the World: Brothers and Sisters: Compañeros and Compañeras:   In the early morning hours of December 21, 2012, tens of thousands of indigenous Zapatistas mobilized and took, peacefully and silently, five municipal seats in the southeast Mexican state of Chiapas.   In the cities of Palenque, Altamirano, Las Margaritas, Ocosingo, and San Cristóbal de las Casas, weRead More

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Mayan Zapatista Communities Creating New World

While thousands of westerners worried about the supposed ‘end of the world,’  the Zapatista Mayan Communities of Chiapas continue their project of bringing another world into existence. In the largest Zapatista march to date, well over 40,000 Zapatistas marched silently today across the Mexican state of Chiapas, in the cities of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Las Margaritas, Ocosingo, Altamirano, Palenque (and possibly in Comitan). Another world is not just possible, in Chiapas, it is under construction. Communiqué of the Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee – General Command of the ZapatistaRead More